This is a compilation with three bands performances at the KOPAsetic festival in 2006. This is a quote from Bruce Gallanter’s review in Downtown Music Gallery:

This fabulous disc features three ensembles recorded live at the same festival in Malmö, Sweden in September of 2006: Marc Ducret + lim, Anders Nilsson’s Aorta and Elektra Hyde. Marc Ducret plays on the first three 10-minute pieces with LIM. Gettin’ Tage opens with some strong swirling playing, a spacious interplay between Ducret’s guitar and Frisk’s tenor sax. Mr.Frisk wrote all three pieces for LIM and Ducret fits in just right. Nephilim is slow, eerie and filled with suspense. Both Ducret and Frisk take some great understated solos. I really dig Frisk’s writing, his tunes have a unique way of unfolding slowly so that each note counts like the words in a story. Marc Ducret takes another of his amazing twisted (blues/noise/jazz) guitar solos on Shulaffel that just makes me feel so good.