lim´s most recent CD superlim marks the 10th release from Swedish indie label Kopasetic Productions. The Malmö based trio lim is a group that was formed about 10 years ago by saxophonist Henrik Frisk and drummer Peter Nilsson. Together they were looking for a forum focusing on rhythmical structures as well as rhytmical freedom, and after adding electric bass player David Carlsson (who also makes up for one third of Swedish pop group The Mopeds), lim became a strong unit in which they have explored what has since become the groups´ sound.

lim´s cd-debut lim (released on dB-Productions in 2002) was much of a studio production, but the new album focuses on capturing the live aspect and spontaneity of the group. lim´s music is still largely based on rhythmical concepts, but the sound of the group has evolved into a more acoustic and suggestive one, and the performances on superlim has a very strong live feel and precence to them. The fact that lim has chosen to re-interpret a few songs featured on their previous album shows that the group focuses more on the interplay and the interpretation than on composition.